About us

Ethos Of Our Logo

While making the logo, we identified two strong figures that represented Ahuja Constructions – that of a pyramid and a circle. The pyramid took into account the letter “A” of Ahuja and the circular shape on the right side represented the letter “C” for constructions. The shape of the pyramid which stands on a strong base symbolises strength and reliability while the part of the circle represents the essence of perfection. The division at the top of the pyramid not only forms the “A” of Ahuja but also divides the apex from the base, in the same way Ahuja Constructions stands out from the ordinary while still being grounded by our core values.

The semi-circle on the bottom right hand side of the also signifies an entrance that welcomes one into an Ahuja Constructions home that is not only built on a strong base but also something that offer one much more. The yellow beam which is generally used with the logo stands for a positive and bright future. Our Tagline is a reflection of our ideology. It underlines our desire to consistently innovate and create homes that are a cut above the ordinary.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred brand in proving homes in the micro-markets and the segments we operate in. Always using the equity route to fund land acquisition, we will develop 1 million sft. at any given point of time. Run by a professional management setup having a process driven approach, we want to attain an enterprise value of $1 billion by 2017.

Our Mission

To build a profitable and financially sound company which satisfies the need of housing in Mumbai, Mumbai outskirts and satellite towns. To be the preferred brand in the micro markets we operate in by creating Iconic and landmark projects with well thought out spaces catering to the Urban Lifestyle needs and ensuring timely delivery. Having specs designed by expert consultants with the willingness to source appropriate materials from across the globe and executed through qualified and capable contractors.

Our Values

We strongly stand for an organisation where everyone can think and speak freely as well as achieve their personal and professional goals. Building a transparent organisation based on a solid foundation of integrity, energy, economy, system, sympathy, impartiality and self reliance.

Trust and Transparency

Being true and transparent in our dealings internally and externally is what we value the most and this is a pre-requisite for all our interactions.

Innovation & Customer

Delight Always striving to exceed the customers expectations by continuous innovation and flamboyant detailing across all our projects.

High Performance Team

Knowing that it is a happy and united team that makes landmark achievements, we encourage an open work environment, performance based reward structure, empowered teams, nurture talent and promote camaraderie amongst the employees.

Shared Value

Being responsible global citizens and believing that everyone has the right to better living conditions and opportunities, we create shared value through Slum Rehabilitation, Redevelopment as well as Greenfield projects.

Our Promoters

Companies don’t build themselves, people build them. And this belief has been the core of The Ahuja Group since its inception over 25 years ago. So it’s no wonder that with able personalities like Mr. Jagdish Ahuja and Mr. Gautam Ahuja at the helm, we’ve succeeded in building a future that is nothing but bright.

Mr. Jagdish Ahuja, Chairman

With more than 45 years of business experience, Mr. Jagdish Ahuja is a great visionary and a perfectionist. Initially engaged in his family business of imports and exports, he ventured into the construction arena more than 25 years back with a dream to create quality homes. An idealist and a true entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Ahuja started this empire with a single project and limited organizational strength, solely handling acquisition, finance, execution, liasioning and sales in the early years. Today, the group has developed around 2.53 million sq. ft. under his able leadership. Carving a niche in the real estate segment, he has always delighting the customers with quality products. It is this vision and desire to reach new heights which has transformed a proprietorship firm into the corporate powerhouse that it is today. With his unmatched experience, Mr. Ahuja is the guiding force of the company.

Mr. Gautam Ahuja, Managing Director

Following in his father’s footsteps and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit at an early age Mr. Gautam Ahuja started his first venture at the age of 19. Realising the business potential of the dotcom industry and usage of internet, the business envisaged creation of an online portal – Quickbite.com that gave access for home delivery of food to about 500 restaurants spread across the Mumbai metropolis. This venture enabled him to get a hands-on feel of the way business operate, key drivers, challenges, and the myriad efforts required to drive across an idea which is ahead of its time. Simultaneously he also involved himself in his family business of real estate learning the ins and outs of Ahuja Constructions. Taking over as the Managing Director of the company in 2006, he has been involved in the entire spectrum of business activities ranging from project design to construction management, financial closures, investment decisions, permission issues, legal aspects and also marketing and branding activities within the company. With an unflinching desire to meet challenges head-on, Gautam has combined passion and persistence to take the company where it is today as an organization. . Streamlining the internal systems and processes, he has set a clear cut road map for future growth and expansion in order to transform the organization into a leading corporate in the real estate domain in the new decade. Devoted to building a company of the future, Mr Gautam Ahuja has recently completed the Owner/ President Management Program (OPM-42) from Harvard Business School.